Smartorder single

An out-of-the-box food ordering website template for a restaurant providing food delivery

Smartorder multi

Build a food delivery website where customers can search by their locations and order food. A kind of or Justeat clone script

Smartorder online ordering template

Joomla based food delivery website templates

We’ve created two separated, Joomla based commercial website templates. Both can be installed to a webhost within minutes even without any Joomla knowledge. The basic idea was to create a clean, simple and appealing way of food ordering. Smartorder Single is an online food delivery template for a single restaurant while with Smartorder Multi you can set up a site similar to, Justeat or Grubhub

Out-of-the-box solution for websites

A brand new, full website can be installed and set up easily within minutes with our Smartorder Install Wizard.

Mobile compability

Both solutions are mobile friendly. Smartorder Single and Multi provide fully responsive food delivery website templates.

Based on the free Joomla content manager

We built our solutions to Joomla 3 framework to have a stable and familiar admin interface and ability to easily customize or develop.

SMS integration

Now with our Nexmo integration SMS can also be used to get the orders on your phones or your SMS enabled printers.

Credit Card payment with Paypal

We’ve integrated the Paypal Standard Payment solution, so you can provide an option to your customers to pay with their credit card.

Rating and Review integration

In our latest update we’ve released a complex and full Rating and Review module for our Smartorder Multi script.
Live demos

Online Ordering template - Smartorder single
What you get with Smartorder Single?

It’s your pick if you create a new webiste for a single restaurant or food delivery. You will get full site Install Wizard based on Joomla 3 and you can even choose from two separate responsive templates.

Online Ordering template - Smartorder multi
What you get with Smartorder Multi?

You will get an out-of-the-box website template that provides location based search for multiple food deliveries and a clean ordering solution. You can install the site as easy as a simple Joomla 3 system.

Free installation
Free installation
Free installation
  • As a designer and website builder I looked for a Joomla component that enables online ordering for food deliveries. I was glad to find a solution that was exactly dedicated to this purpose. The design is clean, the functions and the working of the basket and the menu is innovative and, surprisingly, very easy to use. The support was very helpful when I stumbled upon some problem during the set up.

    To sum it up, it is one of the most appealing and most likeable Joomla component I’ve ever met.

    Author image
    • Bram Bollen
    • Belgium
  • Our customers love the quick and easy ordering process with Smartorder. It’s simple, fast and works great on cell phones as well! The customization process behind the scenes to fit the tool into our website was straightforward. Also special thanks to the very fast support, who sent us the latest and greatest version to upgrade our website for free! We're proud to made the right decision in using Smartoder on our website and hope we can still count on you guys in future.

    Author image
    • Roger Leonhard
    • Switzerland
  • Using Smartorder for my business has turned out to be a great decision!! A very adaptable product with fantastic customer service. Thank you Smartorder team :)

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    • Richard Kilford
    • United Kingdom
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    • MyName
    • CEO, CompanyName
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