Free installation

In the downloadable package you will find an Install Wizard. It is identical to a standard Joomla 3 installer except it already includes all the component, template and other custom made extensions. So, it creates a site that is identical to our live demo. However, if you don’t have experience in Joomla installation we are ready to do it for free. What you have to have is just a Joomla 3 capable webhost.

Logo and BG change

We are ready to change you the logo and the BG as well in your newly installed site for free. We only ask for the files in proper format and ratio. With these you will have a fully working and unique website without Joomla knowledge. This is what we can offer for free. Any other layout modification, customization, other support can be made for a price of our professional support.

What if I don’t have a webhost?

No problem. We will help you to choose a reliable web hosting provider. Usually it’s enough to start with an about 4 Euro/month plan.

Money back guarantee

We provide you a 7 day long money back guarantee after the purchase date to both Smartorder single and Smartorder multi. In this time period we will refund the full price if you are not satisfied with the purchased product.

If you have purchased Smartorder Multi or Smartorder Single and you are not satisfied, please drop us an email about the causes of your dissatisfaction. It could help us a lot to see the week points of our products to be able to develop to the right direction. It also helps to avoid further misunderstandings. So, it is very important for us, please be very descriptive! :) After that we will send you a document where you can declare with a signed, scanned document that you remove the software from any website and your local devices. After that we will start the refund immediately.

Bug free guarantee

We think our solutions are bug free. If you find any bug related to Smartorder we are happy to fix it. Obviously, the guarantee only applies to the code written entirely by us. The Smartorder Component and other Extensions, not for the Joomla itself.

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